ROCKFORD-The Achievement in Music (AIM) examinations were held on March 10 and April 21 of 2013 at Rockford Music Academy.

The Illinois Achievement in Music covers 11 graduated levels of testing. In addition, there are three levels of preparatory examinations. These examinations are conducted in two parts: a theory and sight reading test followed by a technique and performance examination. Required repertoire covers music from different periods.

Coordinated technique, theory, sight reading, ear training and music history compose the balance of the examinations. Students are graded on their test.

Local students who participated included:

Preparatory Levels 1A - 1C: Ari Nottrott, 1C, and Eve Nottrott, 1C, both of Schapville.

Graduated Levels 2 - 12: Olivia Schafer, 2, Galena.