A message for our readers

The Galena Gazette is providing all of its news stories and photos of the COVID-19 pandemic with no payment required as a public service and in an effort so you can be totally knowledgeable as to how the pandemic affects you. Please consider a print or online subscription to support this vital reporting by a locally owned business .

Letter to Galena Gazette readers

Dear loyal readers and customers: Our world has been shaken to the core. We’re not sure what the future holds, and the uncertainty is unsettling to all of us.


But even in this time of great uncertainty, The Galena Gazette’s mission remains the same: we are committed to doing our very best to keep you informed with the facts, to tell the stories that matter to this community and to serve as a vessel for our loyal advertisers to do the same.

For 186 years, the Gazette has served this community through times of prosperity and times of great challenges. Our business held steady through the Civil War, flu pandemic of 1918, Great Depression, two world wars and so much more.

But it’s important to remember that we are just that, a local business. And like so many others, the COVID-19 pandemic profoundly affects us.

As we do our jobs and bring you the news of Jo Daviess County, we count on our advertisers and our subscribers to be there with us, sharing their messages and supporting the community. Your advertising and subscription dollars allow us to do our jobs–to shine light on the public meetings where important decisions are made, on the school activities and community events that feature your children and grandchildren, on the upcoming events and more. During the COVID-19 pandemic, all related content at galenagazette.com is accessible outside our paywall, free for subscribers and non-subscribers to reference.

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We are a living, breathing chronicle of the history of this area. Your support allows our business and our staff to spend money supporting local businesses and to pay taxes.

We work diligently each week to ensure we deliver the best community newspaper we possibly can. That will not change. We will strive to bring you compelling content that matters. The COVID-19 coverage in this week’s newspaper and at GalenaGazette.com exemplifies the work we do each week to deliver high-quality journalism.

We ask you to continue to support us during this time.

With gratitude and hope,

P. Carter Newton, Sarah Newton, Jay Dickerson, Hillary Dickerson, Brandon Behlke, LeAnne Sharkey, Kevin Engler, Janet Shaw, Mike Jones, Milly Jones & Brian McLane