Galena Gazette makes major improvements to its website

New site goes live on Tuesday, June 19.


GALENA–On Tuesday, June 19, after weeks of behind-the-scenes work, The Galena Gazette made major improvements to its website, The new website will enable the Galena media company to adapt its website to meet the needs of the moment and serve its customers in new ways.

The Gazette's subscribers received an email from Creative Circle Media, the new website host, on Tuesday morning alerting them that all website users/subscribers would need to provide a username and password before they could use the site.

"Some subscribers have inquired as to whether this was a legitimate email," P. Carter Newton, Gazette publisher said. "We asked our new website partner to send out the note as a way to announce the change."

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One of the big changes is that registering for the website will be faster and easier than before, because obtaining a username/password will become an automated process and not a manual one as before, Newton continued.

"We're really excited to take this opportunity and utilize the experience and talents of Creative Circle Media in order to make major upgrades to our website," Newton noted.  "As the months pass, we'll have opportunities to add new features which enhance the experience for our users and provide addidtional marketing opporunities for our business partners."

This new website is a change and with change comes questions. Newton emphasized that users who have questions should feel comfortable calling the office at 815-777-0019.