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IHSA drafts phase two of return to play


BLOOMINGTON–The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) has a drafted phase two of its return to play plan. In phase two, students will be limited to five hours of participation per day for summer contact days.

Gatherings will also be increased to 50 individuals per group.

“Thirty feet of space must be maintained between gatherings of 50,” states the draft of phase two. “When students are not actively participating in a drill, practice or contest, care should be taken to maintain social distance between individuals.”

The draft plan also states that if locker rooms are a necessity during summer contact days, capacity should be limited to ensure individuals can maintain six-feet of social distance.

Spotters for weight lifting will be allowed during phase two.

“Coaches are encouraged to use a staged approach to build back up to full summer contact activity and competitions,” the plan states. “Local districts should work with their health departments and local school officials to make decisions about team travel to summer competitions.


IHSA’s phase two draft also highlights the regulations for contests under the new rules.

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According to the draft plan, group sizes should be limited to 50 total participants, coaches and referees (excluding spectators). Multiple groups of 50 or fewer participants are permitted in a facility at once as long as:

•facilities allow for social distancing.

•30 feet of distancing is maintained between groups/opposing teams on the sidelines.

•areas for each group are clearly marked to discourage interaction between groups outside of competitive game play.

Based on the plan, it appears that each team for a competition can have 50 individuals each.

According to the plan, no handshakes, high fives, fist bumps or hugs can occur pre-or post-match.

“If schools choose to permit spectators, there should be a designated area for spectators with existing seating capped at 20 percent of capacity,” the plan states.

Schools should encourage spectators to bring chairs from home for outdoor activities.

The plan also states that concession stands may open in line with restaurant guidelines.