$30,000 donation brings dog park closer to reality

GALENA–The Galena Dog Park is closer to reality after the city of Galena received a $30,000 donation from the Sizzle Foundation, a local charitable organization in Galena.

“They reached out to us about potential projects, so this was one that we mentioned and told them that we had a funding gap,” said Mark Moran, city administrator. “We felt this was in their ability and they are excited about it.”

Last month, the city council approved the fiscal year 2023 budget, which included the construction of the dog park. The city is currently finalizing the design with the intent to construct the park this summer.

Over the past 15 years, there have been numerous attempts and sites discussed for a proposed dog park, with none coming to fruition until 2018 when Chris and Courtney Timp offered the city a donation of three acres on Louieville Court in the Timp Subdivision for the location of Galena’s first dog park.

The city accepted the donation and, under the direction of a local dog park advocacy group, donations were raised.

More than 50 individuals have donated towards the project and have raised nearly $80,000, exceeding the estimated construction cost of $75,000.

With the recent donation by the Sizzle Foundation, the city intends to completely build out the proposed park that has three different pods.

“Initially, we thought we might have to start with the three small ones, but now I think we have enough to do it all,” said Moran. “That also will include paving of the lot, which was initially just going to be gravel or sealcoat.”

The city is pulling together the project quotes and is preparing bids for some of the facets.

Moran intends the city to be the general contractor for the project instead of bidding out that service, as well, allowing the city to bid out each piece of the project individually.

“There is a lot of community interest in the project,” said Moran. “A lot of residents are looking forward to it being open.” Moran’s goal is to have the dog park construction done by the end of the summer season or early fall with hopes of having the park open to the public next year.

“There is a possibility it could be used this year yet,” said Moran. “I am a little worried about putting people and dogs in these areas if the turf hasn’t taken yet, but that would be the only limiting factor.”

The dog park will also include a pet-friendly drinking fountain and an informational kiosk, along with signage. Donors will be listed in the kiosk, if they want to be listed.

Moran is intending some of the bids to be approved in June.

Posted 5/10/2022