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Scales Mound discusses COVID


SCALES MOUND–The Scales Mound Village Board at its Monday, Oct. 26 meeting discussed the changing regulations impacting the village as a result of the COVID pandemic.

Village Clerk Margaret Townsend asked about the regulations and who is following them.

Village President Jim Davis said that he took the new rules and regulations to the bars in Scales Mound, but said there is no enforcement.

Village board member Ruth Foley explained that tables now have to be six feet apart and can’t hold more than six people and that no indoor service is allowed.

“I am under the impression that the only ones that will enforce it is the Illinois State Police,” said Foley. “If they come in, it’s an automatic loss of liquor license and gambling license.”

“I see both sides of the fence,” said Davis. “It is a risk they are taking. You don’t want to see the COVID get out of hand, but on the other hand, it is tough to be a restaurant owner right now and it is very difficult. I don’t know what the right answer is.”

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Other business

The board also:

•learned that the Scales Mound Chamber would make a decision on the annual village Christmas party by Nov. 10, but due to gathering restrictions, it is likely that the party will be modified.

•learned that Matt and Melissa Dittmar received the village’s loan proposal and were thankful for the work put into the loan. They are awaiting further information and the purchase of Pat’s Country House before moving forward.

“I told them to tell us when or if they will proceed with the store and then I will reach out for help for the paperwork or promissory note,” said Lyndsey Duerr, village board member.