The Galenians have arrived: a sure sign of Spring


The Spring/Summer Galenian magazine is hot off the press and available at the Galena Gazette, 515 S. Main St., Galena, 815-777-0019, The Galenian travel guide is also available online at

55,000 copies of the magazine were printed for distribution. Deliveries to businesses and nonprofits are in progress at Gazette press time. The first tri-state distribution takes approximately 3 weeks.

The Galenian has been Galena’s official travel magazine for 40 years. The first issue was created by Donna Basch, Carter Newton, Jim Clark and Ken Winge for the Galena Chamber of Commerce.

A premier publication, The Galenian shares the people, places and stories of Galena and the tri-state area in articles, photographs and advertisements. History and historic preservation are front-and-center.

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The Galenian is free; however, because of rising postal costs, there is a charge for mailing.

This Spring/Summer edition features articles about kid-friendly activities, a Galena artist, new stewards of a Galena historic mansion, Galena’s cemetery walk, birding, horses, Galena’s buttresses; maps; our neighboring communities; and much more.

The Galenian is owned by The Community Development Fund of Galena, published under contract with the Galena Gazette. A portion of the advertising revenue is used by The Community Development Fund to support and enhance Galena.

The Galenian is published twice each year, in spring (S/S) and late summer (Fall/Winter). The Community Development Fund of Galena retains all rights to the use of the Galenian.

For information about advertising in The Galenian, please call 815-777-0019 or email